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HCG S/U mAb3-Labeling: Antibody against HCG (β-subunit) (For Urine/Serum Combo Test)
Catalogue #ImmunogenSourceHostCloneApplications
MD-A01-Ab3HCG MouseMonoclonalELISA, Lateral flow immunoassay
GradeIon-exchange purified >95%
Storage & StabilityStore at 2-8°C. The product is stable in the unopened vial until the expiry date given. For long-term storage, freeze at -20°C. Avoid repetitive freezing and thawing.
Format50mM NaCl, 10 mM PBS pH 8.0, with 0.1% NaN3
SpecificityRecognizes β subunit of hCG. Crossreactivity: hCG 100%, β-hCG 108%, α-hCG <0.05%, LH <0.5%, TSH <0.1%, FSH <0.1%.
Affinity Constant9x1010 l/mol hCG
HazardsIntended for laboratory and manufacturing use only. Not for drug, food or household use. Standard laboratory practices should be followed when handling.

Antibody against HCG (β-subunit) (For Urine/Serum Combo Test)

SKU: MD-A01-Ab3
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