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메디코 이미 전세계에 그 품질과 전문성을 인정 받은 Lab Safety 분야 다양한 제품을 전문적으로 공급하고 있습니다.

메디코에서 공급하는 Lab Safety Supplies는 대학, 연구기관 등 여러 실험실에서 사용을 하고 있습니다.

더욱 자세한 내용과 견적은 홈페이지 대표문의를 통해 문의 부탁드립니다. 

Calgonate® Emergency First Aid Kit

불화수소산 처방 응급키트

  • HF exposure 응급키트 (불화수소산 )

  • Kit내 구성품 30개 포함

  • Calgonate® Gel(불산중화제 ) 25gx2개 포함

  • U.S.A 다양한 연구소에서 사용중

메디코는 고품질의 제품들을 상시 재고보유 하고 있으며, 주문시 당일 발송해드립니다. 일부 품목 및 시약은 발송 1-2주 소요 

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Calgonate® Gel
Calgonate® Calcium Gluconate Gel, 6ea/pk [Calgonate]
성분: Calgonate® Gel contains Calcium Gluconate USP 2.5% w/w in a clear, viscous, colorless and odorless water miscible gel base.
Calgonate® Emergency First Aid Kit
2 Tubes of Calgonate® Gel (25g each)
2 Sterile Eyewash (120ml/4oz) Squirt Bottles*
1 Pair of Medical Scissors
1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
16 Flexible Fabric Bandages (1in x 3in)
10 Antiseptic Towelettes
6 Burn Gel Packets 3.5g ea
10 Sterile Gauze Pads (4in x 4in)
1 Triangular Bandage (40in x 40in x 56in)
4 Sterile Eye Pads with Adhesive Tape Strips
1 Multi Trauma Dressing (10in x 30in)
2 Rolls Adhesive Tape (2.5yds x .5in)
12 Packets of Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.5gm 외 3품
Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash
-Calgonate® Emergency Eyewash is a sterilized solution containing Calcium Gluconate USP 1% w/w as well as sodium chloride (saline), sodium borate, boric acid, and benzalkonium chloride in purified water to provide an isotonic, buffered, sterile eyewash.
Tissue-Tek® Microtome Waste Collecti
Size: 1 kit
•The system is compatible with most commonly used microtomes
Cat No#4657 [Tissue-Tek]
Splash Guard
(Eye & Skin Protection)
Size: 38cm(가로) x 24cm(폭) Cat # SG100 [Hardy Diagnostics]

Portable benchtop protective shield. 3/8" acrylic with indented sides and rubber anti-slide buttons on the bottom. Protection against potentially dangerous aerosols and serves as a mechanical barrier, as required by OSHA.
Latex Examination Gloves powder free [JM Science]
-Cat # LGPF-XS, 내용:Powder Free (최소사이즈) Powder Free (대)
-Cat #LGPF-S, 내용: Powder Free (소)
-Cat #LGPF-M, 내용: Powder Free (중)
-Cat #LGPF-L, 내용:
Shoe Cover, Polylatex - X Large
-Size: 50 pairs/ pack / 1 case=3 pack(s)
-Skid resistant
Cat # 189658 [Fisherbrand]
-Cat #41112, 규격:107×210(200매/카톤),포장단위 : 60pk/cs
-Cat #41117, 규격:215×210(200매/카톤),포장단위 : 30pk/cs
-Cat #41118, 규격:430×410(150매/카톤),포장단위 : 15pk/cs
Whirl-Pak® Sterile Bags 6x9 inch
Size: 500/box
Cat# B120524WM [Whirl-Pak]

•Puncture-resistant tabs help protect bags from damage due to wire end protrusion

(Nasco) Transparent polyethylene bags are gas sterilized and can be used for sampling and product analysis. You can mark on them with a water-resistant felt pen or marker. The write-on-style bags have an area that accepts ballpoint pen or pencil. Pull-Tab" openings help prevent contamination from finger contact.


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