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 Lab technical support

  • MEDICO offers reliable NGS, library construction and genotyping services

Your Best Partner,


Emerging Innovations

The Emerging Innovators connects our  extraordinary products and proess capabilities to new market opportunities - creating innovations that lead to new products and business.


Primer(DNA) synthesis  

  • Synthesize thousand base per day

  • Several purification options: RP, PAGE, HPLC

Normal sequencing  

  • Full Sequencing

  • Mitochondrial Sequencing

  • Fragment Analysis

  • Microbial Identification

Research Service

  • Genomic Analysis

  • Molecular Marker Development

  • Next Generation Sequencing(NGS)

  • SNP Genotyping

  • Gene Synthesis

  • And many other Researh services

MEDICO is a start-up professional biotech research company focusing on the development of molecular marker &  genomic analysis service. 


MEDICO's mission is to become the world's leading solution provider in next-generation healthcare technologies by developing oligonucleotide-based therapeutics and PCR diagnostics platform. 


We will succeed our mission step by step through sustained investment in research & development and continue to develop our core competencies in molecular biology, DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry and diagnostic platform technology development. We will  continue to maintain close collaboration with our global partners to solve though technology challenges and development. 

As a star-up Biotech company with challenge & passion,

Medico will provide the value-priced & innovative products for the global market by application of state-of-art technologies bringing innovation for life-saving treatments to the largest numbers of people.



Import & Export Division of Medico

Medico Inrernational is our newly  established division dedicated to international business by importing & exporting life sciences/medical products from outsourcing companies globally.
Our division goal is to outsource new products globally and provide it to market. We are continuosly collaborating with pharmaceutical & biotechnology innovators to develop products and provide it to our clients and partners around the world.
Our division team is staffed by experienced personnel with highly trained & extensive knowledge in the field. We are committed to providing responsive and effective support to our valued customers.
If any question regarding your interest of promoting/outsourcing new products, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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