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Médico - the leading innovator by bringing innovation for life-saving treatments to the largest numbers of people

About Médico

"We, Médico believe that the innovation in the life sciences makes the world a better place for human & other living organism."


Under the corporate philosophy of innovation-life sciences through R&D, Médico arose from a collaboration between life sciences research institute, Médico and scientists in the department of molecular biology at Seoul National University and has been one of the Korea's leading innovators in the genomic analysis and molecular marker.


Médico has been dedicated to providing quality products and genomic sequencing analysis.

Currently, our products cover high quality DNA/RNA purification products and diagnostic kits. And Médico is now focused on developing new diagnostic kits and genomic analysis products based on the newly introduced technologies through R&D from scientists at Médico Life Sciences Lab.


Médico will continue to become a faithful partner for our most valued clients and to be one of innovators contributing new technologies for growth and development of biotechnology industry.  We respectfully ask for your continued support.



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