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Medico will succeed our mission step by step through sustained investment in research & development  and  will provide the value-priced & innovative products for the global market by application of state-of-art technologies bringing innovation.

Sequencing Analysis

With excellent research staffs and nation’s best experts at affiliated research lab, Medico provides distinguishing genomic analysis services to many researchers.

High quality : >850 bp sequence results using ABI 3730XL sequencers. 

Fast turnaround : we will deliver sequencing results within 24 hours.

Extra value service : Free repeat, free 100+ universal primers, free pickup, free 96-well alignment tool.

Sample Preparation:

  • Plasmid sample volume ; up to 5 ul (100 ng/ul) / reaction

  • PCR product (after purification) ; up to 5 ul (50 ng/ul) / reaction

  • PCR product (before purification) ; up to 20 ul (100 ng/ul) / reaction

Full Lengh Sequencing

(Primer walking or Mitochondria genome)

Research Services 

Specialist Services

  • Mitochondria Genome Analysis

  • Genome/Transcriptome Analysis

  • SSR/SNP Genotyping analysis

  • SSR Marker Development

  • cDNA/Y2H Library Construction

  • Cloning & Mutagenesis Service