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Medico offers a 30 L Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewars Tank is for your LN2 storage needs. This tank employs Dewar technology, which uses an insulating process involving a vacuum area between two interior walls. The tank comes with an insulated padded cover which is helpful in reducing LN2 loss. It is constructed using aircraft grade aluminum and comes complete with 6 canisters secured to straws for keeping specimens inside the container. It is transportable and weighs approx. 28 lbs. empty (about 65 lbs. full) which ideal in most environments. Standing time of LN2 for this tank is 270 days, which is lengthier than most.


Liquid nitrogen serves as an exceptional tool for medicine, research and laboratory experiments. Medical professionals use LN2 for cryopreservation of blood, organs, or other biological fluids and for the freeze therapy of warts or other skin conditions. It also provides us with the opportunity to observe and investigate the many different changes that take place when matter is cooled to extremely low temperatures. There are some other uses of LN2 for personal uses. For example, you can use it for gardening. Simply spray the weeds around your favorite flowers or vegetables and freeze them solid. Smash them into healthy organic fertilizer and mulch for your garden. This is an environment-friendly way to fight those troublesome weeds.


Note: These tanks are shipped empty. Customer will need to obtain own Liquid Nitrogen. Liquid Nitrogen is extremely cold and if it touches your skin, you will be burned. Please consider buying Cryogenic Protective Gloves which are offered on our website.


U.S. Solid Model: USS-LNT00005
Volume 30 L
Neck Diameter 1.97" (50 mm)
Vessel Diameter 438mm
Vessel Height 700mm
Empty Weight 13.80 kg
Static holding time 270 days
Number of canisters for storage of samples: 6(5 Canisters with holes, 1 canister without holes)
Depth of canisters 4.33" (110 mm)

30L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar - LN2 Dewar with Straps

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