Medico adopts a new polymerase-mark system (poly- HRP conjugate Goat Anti-mouse IgG). More enzymes will connect to the single antibody through the arm structure. Meanwhile, the optimal structure of new system enhences the signal during immunochemistry and reduce the experimental steps.
Reagents supplied
component size storage
Blocking Serum 20ml Store at 4°C for 1year
poly- HRP-Goat Anti-Mouse IgG 15ml Store at 4°C for 1year
Reagent A   20×concentrated solution 1ml -20℃
Reagent B   20×concentrated solution 1ml 4-8℃
DAB substrate 20ml 4-8℃
  • NOTE: Reagents not supplied (Primary Antibody, Antibody diluent buffer,) Reagent A (DAB) is a suspected carcinogen. Reagent B contains hydrogen peroxide, Handle with care.
  • A number of different buffers can be used in the IHC system. One of the most common is 10 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.4, 0.9% saIine (PBS). PBS-T (PBS+0.1% Tween 20)
  • Primary Antibody working solution: according to the dilution ratio provided by the manufacturer.
  • Blocking Serum and poly- HRP Goat Anti-Mouse Ig G: ready-to-use
  • DAB working solution (1ml): Mix 50ul of Reagent A , 50ul Reagent B and 900ul DAB substrate in a EP tube. For using, it is best to use DAB working solution within 20 minutes
  •   The configuration table
  Blocking Serum Working solution poly-HRP-Goat Anti-mouse IgG DAB Working solution
1 section 50ul-100ul 70ul 100ul
10 sections 0.5ml-1ml 0.7ml 1ml
100 sections 5ml-10ml 7ml 10ml
200 sections</