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Malaria pf-mAb1-Labeling: Antibody against Malaria P.f. HRP II
Catalogue #ImmunogenSourceHostCloneApplications
MD-A31-Ab1P.f. HRP MouseMonoclonalELISA, Lateral flow immunoassay
GradeIon-exchange purified >95%
Storage & StabilityStore at 2-8°C. The product is stable in the unopened vial until the expiry date given. For long-term storage, freeze at -20°C. Avoid repetitive freezing and thawing.
Format0.01M Sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.2), 0.1% NaN3
SpecificityRecognizes Plasmodium falciparum HRP.
Affinity Constant 
HazardsIntended for laboratory and manufacturing use only. Not for drug, food or household use. Standard laboratory practices should be followed when handling.

Malaria pf-mAb1-Labeling (Antibody against Malaria P. f HRP II)

SKU: MD-A31-Ab1
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