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-Orphanin FQ (nociceptin, OFQ), a heptadecapeptide peptide, has been designated as an endogenous ligand for the ORL1 receptor. The amino acid sequence of OFQ has homology with other opioid peptides, especially the prodynorphin fragment dynorphin A, suggesting a close evolutionary relationship between the precursors. A diffuse distribution throughout the brain is seen with binding studies and in situ hybridization suggesting an extensive role for OFQ in a multitude of CNS functions.        

-Immunocytochemical localizations in rat spinal cord have demonstrated OFQ abundance in superficial dorsal horn, lateral spinal nucleus and the region dorsal to the central canal. OFQ immunoreactivity was not affected by dorsal rhizotomy, indicating that in spinal cord the peptide is produced by central rather than primary afferent neurons. The localization is supported by its function in processing of nociceptive signals.             



Target: Orphanin FQ

Host: Rabbit (Rb)

Application: Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Product Type: Polyclonal Antiserum

Species Reactivity: Human (H), Mouse (M), Rat (R)

Format: Whole Serum (with 0.05% sodium azide). Sent in liquid form                

Volumne: 50 ul & 150 ul


                                Peptide sequence corresponds to amino acids 135-151 of rat, 

                                154-170 of mouse and 130-146 of human pro-nociceptin.                      

Label: Unlabeled

Antibody Type: Polyclonal





Orphanin FQ

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